Web Design

Websites as Marketing Tools

With my agency, The DOJO Group, I have been working with companies of all sizes to tell their brand’s story and create impactful, clean, and mobile friendly website designs in Minnesota and beyond. While I have built sites in several platforms, I believe WordPress is the most powerful option for most companies websites for several reasons.

A company’s website should be a tool, and a tool is only useful as long as the users (marketing teams) are able to use it. I build most of the sites I design in WordPress, train the users how to use it, and ideally make their sites a tool that they feel comfortable working in every day.

Website Design Example: Parqa

A paid search and SEO agency came to us to re-brand that piece of their business, build a website and all marketing materials. Their mission is to help companies grow their business by providing valuable insight into who their customers are and what matters most and their path-to-purchase.

I came up with a concept that reinforced their Minnesota roots with a take on “parka”. For colors, we wanted something clean, yet bold, so we used the cool, clean blue-green color and accented it with a gray and bright orange. The website itself is used for weekly blog posts, case studies, and their own lead generation.

Client Examples