Creative for Business Sake

At DOJO many of our clients are brand new or emerging brands. Often times they have a name but no brand or logo identity yet.  Other times they come to us looking for a refresh, or an expansion of that brand.  My goal working with these clients isn’t to win awards for creative sake, but to help foster a brand that is clear in what the company does, stands out from their competitive crowd, and allows for the kind of growth the company has in their business plan.

Client Example: Vet Partners

Vet Partners came to us as a brand new vet hospital.  They had several names in mind but needed a logo, a color palette, marketing materials, and a website.  For colors we settled on bold contrasts of navy blue and a electric green, adding a dark grey and light grey for logo variants.  Using a familiar and immediately recognizable cross, I added silhouettes of a retriever and a cat.

Vet Partners carried the branding through their two offices, creating a clean, friendly and inviting atmosphere.  Medical scrubs maintained the dark navy color, while the entry way used a lighter shade of green with natural wood tones to warm the space.

Other Branding Projects